Empowering Your Energy Future: An Introduction to Community Solar

At Maryland Community Solar, we strive to create a better future for our community through sustainable, renewable energy.

So what is community solar? Glad you asked!

Community solar represents a fundamental shift in how we harness the power of the sun today. Instead of relying solely on individual rooftop solar installations, community solar farms generate electricity shared by multiple subscribers in your area. 🔆

Let’s dig deeper.

Imagine seeing a house with solar panels. 🏠 Now picture a series of houses with solar panels joining together to create a large farm. 🏠🏠🏠 That’s what we call a community solar farm!

They’re like the superheroes of the environment, making *clean and affordable energy for everyone*. This groundbreaking approach opens the door for people of all incomes to access clean and affordable energy, regardless of property type. ✨If you have a utility bill, YOU QUALIFY!✨

So why community solar instead of solar panels? Here’s 3 reasons to join a solar farm in Maryland:

  • The cost to add solar panels can be substantial. Community solar is 💯 FREE!
  • You are guaranteed to save 10% of the value of the credits you receive which is about a 10% savings annually! 
  • We all know solar energy is the future, but did you know that just one household that enrolls in a local solar farm is the equivalent of planting 100 tree seedlings?

Pretty amazing stuff, right? Well, it’s *because of consumers like you that community solar in Maryland is thriving*. By subscribing, you make solar projects sustainable. Your participation prevents carbon emissions, creates jobs in your community, and saves money. 

Ready to get started? Enroll now for a FREE $50 Gift Card! Thank you for support of community solar in Maryland and our environment. 💚