How does Community Solar work?

It starts with a community solar project that is developed in your area. Developers seek out customers like you that value clean energy and the cost savings it can provide. Your participation makes these projects possible.

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Going green in 3 steps

A developer builds a community solar project in your area. They seek out customers like you who want clean energy.

Electricity produced by the community solar farm is delivered to the grid. You earn renewable energy credits for this electricity.

Your energy credits are deducted from your monthly utility bill. This is the bill you get from your regular electricity provider, like BGE or PEPCO.

You’ll still be a customer of your electric utility. They’ll continue to deliver your power.

The solar developer will bill you separately for your renewable energy credits.

In Maryland, these credits are 5% to 10% cheaper than the standard offer electricity rate. The savings are all yours!

Understand your usage

During the enrollment process, the developer will look at your average energy usage over the past 12 months. This enables them to allocate enough kilowatts to offset up to 100% of your monthly electric bill.

We are here to help.

Our friendly customer relations team is here to talk with you in person about community solar and what it means for you.

Community solar works because of consumers like you. By subscribing, you make solar projects sustainable. Your participation prevents carbon emissions, creates jobs in your community, and saves money.