Eco Friendly Office Practices From Maryland Community Solar!

We found 8 great ways to start your Eco Friendly Office journey for free and 5 Eco Friendly Purchases to take it to the next level! Little things add up, and together we can make a difference one work week at a time.

8 Free Ways to Make Your Office Eco Friendly

Free Ways to Make Your Office Eco Friendly

  1. Go Paperless

2. Print Double Sided

3. Turn off lights and computers when not in use

4. Recycle

5. Shared office trash cans instead of individual employee trash cans

6. Adjust your Thermostat 2 degrees higher in the summer and 2 degrees lower in the winter

7. Put up Water Saving Tips and Instructions in the bathrooms and kitchen

8. Use Renewable Energy to Power Your Office

5 Purchases To Improve Your Eco Friendly Office from Maryland Community Solar

  1. Buy reusable cups and k-cups

2. Buy Recycled Printer Paper

3. Buy Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

4. Buy Smart Plugs

5. Purchase and install hand dryers instead of using paper towels

Do you have office practices not listed here? We’d love to hear them!

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