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  • Impacts of Community Solar on Maryland’s Economy

    Impacts of Community Solar on Maryland’s Economy

    Maryland’s Net Energy Billing program and community solar are delivering triple bottom line impacts for Maryland’s economy, residents and the environment according to a recent study. These programs are driving economic growth, saving customers significant money and helping Maryland reach its environmental goals. Read more about these benefits in the article below.

  • Changing the Clean Energy Equation

    Changing the Clean Energy Equation

    For years consumers and businesses have been interested in solar energy, especially as prices and costs have plummeted over the past decade. Unfortunately, on-site and rooftop solar installations have some pretty big barriers to entry. The costs to purchase an array can be prohibitive to many and, even with financing, the payback can be drawn…

  • Community Solar by the Numbers

    Community Solar by the Numbers

    Community solar programs can often seem confusing to consumers and businesses. Here’s an example using the average monthly electric bill in Massachusetts, which was about $125 in 2019, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Imagine a family who uses exactly $125 of electricity every month, and signs up for an equivalent share of community solar…

  • Why is community solar growing in Maryland?

    Why is community solar growing in Maryland?

    The community solar concept is gaining traction in Maryland but you may be surprised to know the pilot program has been around since 2017. Right now it’s growing fast in terms of interest, education and projected capacity. This rapid growth is fueled in part by the benefits community solar programs offer consumers and businesses –…

  • How it Works

    How it Works

    It starts with a community solar project that is developed in your area. Developers seek out customers like you that value clean energy and the cost savings it can provide. During the enrollment process, the developer will look at your average energy usage over the past 12 months and allocate enough kilowatts to offset up…

  • What is Community Solar?

    What is Community Solar?

    Community solar provides the benefits of renewable energy without the upfront costs. Community solar is a program for the community! Instead of the solar farm creating revenue by selling the energy to the utility, consumers and businesses buy the energy through a subscription. People subscribe to the energy created in the solar farm that offsets…